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Creating your own DSL in Kotlin

Creating your own DSL in Kotlin


If you’ve been following my recent posts about Kotlin, you’ve probably noticed me mentioning Domain Specific Languages (DSL) already. Kotlin as a programming language provides some powerful features that allow us to create those DSLs. One of these features, I also already introduced, is called Function Literals with Receiver, others are the invoke convention or infix notation.

In this article, a simple example of writing a DSL in Kotlin will be shown:
I’ve often been struggling with Java’s API for setting up SSL/TLS connections in scenarios where https communication is required for example. Just recently, I had to implement different kinds of these in one of our applications. Doing this, I once again felt like wanting to write a little library that can support me with that task, hiding away all the difficulties and of course the boilerplate.

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